In the spring of 2004 the local weekly paper was publishing one chapter of my book “WAKE UP AMERICA The Lord is God” each week. As I was in their office to bring another chapter on a computer disc I saw a man looking at the back cover of my book. I asked him if he had any questions about the content of the book. His response was:

I sure would like to meet the author!

When I introduced myself, I was informed that he was John Heinerman, PH.D. He told me that he lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. That he frequently drives to Edmonton, Alberta to help various people with health issues. After being informed that he was a member of the Mormon Church, I invited Him to my office where we spent the next eight hours.
He explained a very remarkable incidence which he referred to as a positive act of GOD. He explained that:

He had driven past Conrad, Montana hundreds of times but never thought of stopping in. He explained that he noticed he had left the freeway onto the Conrad exit without realizing it. Therefore, he continued through Conrad to take the second exit back onto the freeway.

When he got there a Supernatural power overpowered him and he made a U turn back into Conrad. Therefore, he proceeded back to the first exit to get back on the freeway only to find the same thing happened again.

When it happened the third time he realized God had a reason for him to be in Conrad, and he stopped at the local weekly paper in an attempt to figure out why God wanted him in Conrad.


As we visited at my office, I informed Mr. Heinerman to what extent the Mormon Church was involved in the litigation set forth in my book. I explained how Mr. E.M Berthelson, president of Farmer’s State Bank who was suing me, was also the bishop of the Mormon Church and the Mormon Church claimed possession of most of my farm.

I explained to Heinerman that:

Mr. Berthelson’s Attorney, Randal Swanberg, was a fully establish Mafia Figure. My brother was a member of Dixie Dredging Company; of which Randal Swanberg was president. Dixie Dredging Company was fully controlled by the Mafia. Swanberg- Judge R.D Mac Phillips and Earl Berthelson were 3 peas’ in a pod.

When I disqualified Judge Mc Phillips for his obvious collusion with Swanberg and Berthelson he boasted to my wife’s local counsel Dale Kiel how he could control the outcome of the litigation by giving me replacement Judges that would show me no mercy.

I also explained how:

Lynn Lund, my wife’s Attorney, was a Mormon. I told him Lund had George Brown, who was also a Mormon, occupying such a cozy spot in his office where he could monitor every legal position I had –I explained how Lund admittedly knew George Brown’s father was among the top ten of the Mafia without telling me of this fact.

At this point Mr. Heinerman proceeded to tell me:

he had a very personal relationship with the Secretary of the President of the Mormon Church. Therefore, he would be glad to give the Secretary copies of the material I had showed him. I gave Heinerman five copies of my book; WAKE UP AMERICA, and five bound copies of over six hundred excerpts from the court files to establish everything I said in my book.


Since my wife and I had been invited to the wedding of my niece in California in the middle of June, 2004, I called Mr. Heinerman to tell him we would be coming through Salt Lake and would like to take him out to dinner. His response was that he would call the Church Secretary and see if he could get me an appointment with him.

Mr. Heinerman called back to inform me:

the President’s wife had died the day before, therefore the Secretary would be in charge of all arraignments and could not meet with me – however he would give all the material to the Security Division and they would have a man meet with me.
Mr. Heinerman also said he was told:

The man you will be meeting with will be wearing the normal Mormon attire, carrying a copy of my book so we will make ready identification of him. If we ask his name he will leave without speaking with us, and we were to be waiting for him in the large building next to the Temple!  Mr. Heinerman was to sit on a bench by the wall and I was to be sitting in a large overstuffed chair sitting nearby.

All this began to feel a little fishy remembering how George Brown [being a Mormon] had said:

My father is with the top ten of the Mafia and he told me to tell you ‘if you don’t get off this thing you will not get home alive.

When we got to the place we were to meet the man – there was the bench by the wall where Mr. Heinerman took a seat – and there was the large overstuffed chair for me to sit in. This was in a very large room with no one in it except about twenty men in a far corner. Being fully convinced the Almighty would protect me I sat in the overstuffed chair.

When the man appeared he was carrying a copy of my book – he was dressed in the normal Mormon clothing – and as I introduced myself the first words he spoke was a question:

Is your faith still as strong as it was – or is it maybe much stronger?

This spoke volumes to me to confirm my suspicion that the chair was wired to electrocute me – but God had foiled their attempted murder because their remote control just did not work. At this point the man proceeded to tell me:

I have read your material; not only every page, not only every paragraph, but every word. [that included my explanation of George Brown’s involvement] I know exactly what you have in that material. The Mormon Church has had so many new members lately that it is going to take some time but the church will make you whole.

The man gave Mr. Heinerman a phone number whereby Heinerman could call him, but he could only ask for him as ELDER. He would not give his mane. At this point I began to realize I had actually just met George Brown’s father, who George Brown had said was in the top ten of the mafia.


About one month latter Heinerman informed me that he had miraculously gotten to attend the meeting of the Mormon Church’s “TIGHTLY CENTRALIZED AUTHORITY meeting.  At this meeting Heinerman had occasion to visit for a couple hours with this ELDER with whom he and I had met. This ELDER told him the he was a member of the Quorum of Seventies.

When Heinerman insisted on knowing what this Elder’s name was he finally said if you need to know more just call ELDER “B”. Could that possibly confirm that he was George Brown’s Father?

Heinerman was also told that

the Quorum of Seventies had decided that the judgment against Ralph Bouma was positively void on its face and Ralph Bouma would be made whole – subject to approval by the Quorum of Twelve.

This ELDER also told Heinerman

the Elder Dieter Uchtdorf was the Chairman of the Quorum of Seventies and that he was THE MAIN RAMROD pushing the decision to make Ralph Bouma whole.

Heinerman also informed me that on this meeting it was pointed out

that there was a vacancy on the Quorum of Twelve due to a recent death of one of the Apostles. Heinerman said that Elder Dieter Uchtdorf was appointed to fill the vacancy on the Quorum of Twelve. Thereby he became one of the Twelve Apostles.

A couple weeks after that meeting Heinerman told me Apostle Dieter Uchtdorf contacted him to say:

he was putting his file together to present to the Quorum of Twelve to get their approval to make Ralph Bouma whole.

He wanted evidence on a few items to make his file complete- which were provided by Former County Sheriff Walter Hammermeister, and myself. At that point Apostle Dieter Uchtdorf said

his file was complete and he would put the issue on the agenda of the Quorum of Twelve.

Three months latter Heinerman was informed

that the Quorum of Twelve, together with the church President Hinckley had decided to make Ralph Bouma whole. The President had ordered the Church Bishop and the Real-estate department to suggest what that would take.

At this point in time the President Hinckley died. This put a complete different curve on everything. Hinckley with his First and Second Counselor constituted their FIRST PRESIDENCY. When the President dies the First Counselor automatically becomes President.

Apostle Dieter Uchtdorf
Advances unto The First Presidency

Therefore, First Counselor Monson became President and the second Counselor became First Counselor leaving a vacancy open for Second Counselor. In a very remarkable way Apostle Dieter Uchtdorf was advanced to fill the vacancy as Second counselor-Thus becoming a member of the first presidency.


The church’s tightly centralized authority structure is led by the president and his first and second counselors, forming a collective First Presidency that works alongside the Quorum of Twelve Apostles.

The man who became an apostle the earliest automatically becomes the next president , and Monson joined at age 35. Now 80, he’sthe youngest new president since 1973 and reports good health, though he has diabetes.

Next in line is Boyd Packer,83, seen as notably doctrinaire. . . . .he became an apostle in1963 , and entered the First Presidency in 1985.

Though he stressed continuity, Monson’s first move was innovative: Nearly all First Presidency and apostle choices have not only been Americans nut natives of Utah or Idaho, but Monson’s first counselor will be Henry Eyring, 74, from Princeton, N.J. . . . .”

More intriguing is Monson’s decision to pass by more senior figures to pick DIETER UCHTDORF, 67, for second counselor.


As you can well understand; considering the fact that DIETER UCHTDORF was the ramrod in the Quorum of Seventies that wanted to make me whole, as well as the member of the Quorum of Twelve that gained the decision by the twelve apostles to make m whole, that I was very excited to learn that he had become a member of the First Presidency.

The next day, on Sunday the Pastor’s message was on PSA 27:14:

14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

I was clearly convinced it was not the Lord’s time for this to happen. Therefore, we must wait until it is the Lord’s time. Seeing this was in March of 2008, it reminds me of Joseph’s interpretation of the dreams of Pharaoh’s Chief Butler.
Joseph told the Chief Butler in Genesis 40:14

14 But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house:

It was two years later the King Pharaoh had a dream that none of his magicians or wise men could interpret. Then his Chief Butler said

I do remember my faults this day.”

The Lord allowed the Chief Butler to forget until it was the Lord’s time that Joseph should go from prison to the throne.
This convinced me that when it is the Lord’s time He will use circumstances to remind DIETER UCHTDORF what he had striven so hard to accomplish.

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