My book GOD SHUT THE LION’S MOUTHS reveals the most unbelievable intervention of the Almighty in a Civil Rights conspiracy involving Judges, Lawyers, United States Justice Department, IRS, FBI, and The Mormon Church, all in collusion with organized crime. 

The United States Justice Department refused to allow several United States District Attorneys for the State of Montana to prosecute these Civil Rights violations against my wife and I as is evidenced  by:



Mr. Burrowes, Deputy U.S. Attorney In his January 30, 1986 letter to Mr. Ellingwood, Mr. Burrowes, Deputy Us Attorney, says in part;

“. . . I believe, without question, that Ralph Bouma has been mistreated by the bar and the bench of the State of Montana. Further, I believe that he has had property taken from him illegally and without due process of law, all with the knowledge, assent, cooperation and/or active participation of that same bench or bar.

I urge you to do all in your power to arrange for Mr. Bouma to be given an opportunity to meet with and present an overview of his case to the Honorable Mr. Edwin Meese, and to a special investigator to be appointed to review the circumstances. Some of the events and circumstances he will report to such investigator will seem beyond belief in our legal society today I implore you hear him out.”

Former United States District Attorney for the State of Montana, Doris M. Poppler in her November 8, 1990 letter to Ralph Bouma, Conrad, MT, stated in pertinent part:

“I have carefully reviewed your packet of information, and then conferred with the attorneys in this office who are familiar with the history of the litigation. I am assured that Mr. Burrowes personally went to the Department of Justice and argued on your behalf to the full extent of his ability. I am thus informed that the Department of Justice did not allow this office to proceed. These decisions are binding on our office.”

Sherry Scheel Matteucci, United States Attorney, in her August 12, 1997 letter of to Grand Juror Walter Hammermeister to justify removing him from the Grand Jury because of his knowledge of the Civil Rights conspiracy against Ralph Bouma, and the homicide to cover it up. The first stated reason given was:

“As you know, this matter has been reviewed by two of my predecessors. Mr. Dunbar went to some length to generate support for reopening of the Bouma case. Your accusations regarding the conduct of Justice Department attorneys, which I read as allegations of corruption are particularly troubling.”

   Because of this obstruction of justice we sued the United States Department of Justice for obstructing Justice in a Civil Rights action.



Because 18 defendants were named to this Civil Rights action; including the Justice Department for Obstructing Justice, 18 response briefs were filed by the 18 appellees (or defendants). This brought on the most mammoth task I had ever encountered. The rules of federal civil procedure required that my reply brief be limited to 25 pages.


As we tried to do research to respond to all the legal technicalities raised by 18 different law firms, we found it impossible to respond to it all in 25 pages and that within 20 days. Lynn Lund together with two of his other civil rights experts and I sat around the table for 10 days attempting to draft a response. Every time we had 10 pages or so drafted, we all agreed: “That isn’t it!” and we had to start over.


On a Friday evening, after 10 days with three lawyers working for $150. per hour each and still not the first page drafted in final form, I went back to my hotel room realizing I had only another 10 days left to file my reply brief.


Could you imagine how my heart sank when I came to my hotel room to hear that Judge Langen had ordered me to vacate the farm? My wife told me that she had received a phone call from our son Louie, saying we had received an order dated February 26, 1982:


“Plaintiff’s motion seeking to be put in possession of its lands … is hereby granted and the defendant shall vacate the same at the hour of 2:00 o’clock, P.M., on April 1, 1982 in favor of the plaintiff corporation… The clerk has issued an appropriate writ to the sheriff of Pondera County in aid of enforcement hereof.”


Words cannot express the struggle I went through that night. Satan was roaring like a lion, and it seemed the Lord stood afar off. As I struggled through the night I tried to lie down and get a little rest so I could return to the office in the morning to work with these three lawyers on my reply brief. However, I spent the night exhausting that last bit of energy I had left as I struggled before the Lord for wisdom to know His will, without a single wink of sleep all night.


In the morning after I had tried to eat a little breakfast I started back to the office.  As I was crossing the four-lane street, I felt like I would collapse before I got to the other side. All I could do was beg for help from the Almighty saying: “Lord, I need help, I can’t do it! Lord, I know not what to do, Lord I need help!”


Just as I was riding the elevator to the fifth floor to the office of Lynn Lund, the Lord brought the blueprint of what I needed to do before my mind. I saw exactly what must go into that reply brief!


When I entered Lund’s office all three lawyers were waiting for me.


I told the first one to go into the law library and get me a United States Supreme Court case that established a certain principle. His response was: “I’ve never heard of such a thing. What do you mean?” I told him: “I need to establish that principle as a matter of law. Go find it!”


I turned to the second lawyer and told him to go to the law library and find me a United States Supreme Court case that established another principle. His response was the same as the first one. I told him likewise:


“I need to establish that principle as a matter of law. Go find it!” Then I told Lund:


“I’m going to sit down with you and start writing this reply brief. Every time I have written a page I will give it to you and I want you to read it carefully. If you see something that isn’t it, stop me so we can talk about it.”


I started writing at 9 a.m., and at noon I handed Lund the last page. As he completed reading, I asked,


“Lynn isn’t this it?” His response was: “I have just seen a miracle. This is it!”


Just as we were sitting there marveling at what the Lord had done, the first lawyer came in from the law library and said:


“I have found the United States Supreme Court ruling that clearly establishes the principle you asked for.”


While we were still discussing it, the second lawyer came in and responded likewise.

We all sat there acknowledging the Almighty for sending His Spirit to reveal the direction we must move in responding with my reply brief.

I advised them I was so physically exhausted that I would leave it to them to put it in final form while I took the remainder of the day to rest.


This book which is for sale on this sight- either in hard copy or E-BOOK explains in great detail how the Almighty was my Counsel from the beginning to this very day.



Justice and the FBI

About two weeks after my reply brief was filed with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I received a notice that the case had been assigned to three of the circuit court judges for determination. As I noticed that these three judges were from other states than California where the Circuit Court is, I was concerned whether they would be fully informed of the proceedings at hand.


For this reason I called the clerk of the Ninth Circuit Court to inquire about this matter. At this point I was shocked at what I learned! The clerk told me:


“Mr. Bouma, I have been the clerk of this court for 30 years, and I will assure you that I have never seen this court in such turmoil over any case like it is over this one! 


“I have witnessed only one other time that all 24 judges came together briefly to discuss the matters of a pending case. However, in this case the whole court has met en bank (with all 24 judges sitting) on four separate occasions and for at least a full day each time to discuss this case! 


“I will assure you that those three judges will have received some very strict guidelines on how to dispose of this case!” 




In less than a week I received a phone call from Lynn Lund [my wife’s attorney] to inform me that he had received a request for an appointment with two men from the United States Department of Justice to visit with him about my case. They asked him to obtain my consent to meet with him outside of my presence; because I am not an attorney, representing my self with God as my Counsel.


The United States Justice Department was a defendant in this civil rights case for obstruction of justice. Therefore, I assumed they were ready to see all the evidence I had to establish the crimes alleged by Keith Burrowes, deputy U.S. district attorney in his 72 count grand jury indictment. Their refusal to allow Mr. Burrowes to submit this proposed indictment to the grand jury for final action was the basis for my allegation of obstruction of justice on their part.


The day and hour were set for the appointment with the understanding I was to be available at the phone for Lynn Lund to be able to confer with me as their meeting went on. When Lund placed his first call to me he explained that he was meeting with two men from the United States Justice Department in Washington, D.C., together with another man from the Denver division. 


Lund explained that when they arrived, he opened his drawer to show them my file on criminal violations committed in the case at hand. At this point they admitted they had done their own investigation of the crimes I had alleged and found that I had enough probable cause to put at least 100 dignitaries in jail. They told him to inform me, however, that they had no intention to have this case go down in United States history as the Conrad Massacre, that therefore they came to settle. These men claimed they and the banks involved decided to offer settlement of this pending civil rights suit to which they were defendants.


These men from the United States Department of Justice attempted to bribe me into dropping all criminal charges against all parties to the present civil rights action. For this they would:

1) Pay all damages incurred by their wrongful actions against my wife and me (which was several million at that time).

2) They would give me a clear title to the real estate I purchased under the contested land exchange contract with LCI. [worth over $3 million at that time.]


God had forewarned me from 1KI 20:31-39 there would come a time when they would try to settle their way out of their predicament as Ben-hadad did. Then it became clear how my adversaries would seek to offer settlement, but also that I was not to accept. Then I was given to see my first major move.  God would put these people of the legal profession into my hand, and if I let them go, it would be my life for theirs. 


1KI 20:34-42 says,


34 And Ben-hadad said unto him, The cities, which my father took from thy father, I will restore; and thou shalt make streets for thee in Damascus, as my father made in Samaria. Then said Ahab, I will send thee away with this covenant. So he made a covenant with him, and sent him away.


In Verse 42 the prophet of the Lord told Ahab


42 And he said unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Because thou hast let go out of thy hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction, therefore thy life shall go for his life, and thy people for his people.


As I was on the phone with Lynn Lund it seemed that every heart beat told me “your life will go for theirs.”  I would not have dared to accept their offer seeing my life depended on it.


In my response I made the same blunder as we read of Moses in Numbers 20:8-12: My blunder was the same as Moses – I did not sanctify God in the eyes of those men who came to settle with me; but I said:

“This is fundamentally wrong! Justice is not for sale! I want justice! If they would give me every dollar that ever went through the United States Treasury in exchange for justice, I’m not for sale! If there is enough probable cause to convict 100 dignitaries, don’t stop prosecution at 99!”


What I was not even aware of at that time is that in fact to accept their offer would have been a felony on my part. I was informed later that accepting a monetary gain for dismissing criminal charges is a federal felony based on federal statutes and law cases. I also became aware later that the same is true under Montana statutes as “compounding a felony.”  


About three hours later Lund called me again to advise that:


 “The men from the Justice Department had made a second offer. This offer was made with an admonition that they had talked with the justices from the Ninth Circuit Court, and had been assured that if I refused their offer that Court would rule against me without a hearing—period!



When do you suppose this collusion with the justices from the Ninth Circuit Court took place? Wasn’t it when these men together with the attorneys for the two banks spoke with the justices of the Ninth Circuit Court while they were all meeting en bank for four days?


The second offer was identical to the first, except that they would prosecute six people involved in the conspiracy. When I asked if I would get to choose the six, the answer was “absolutely not.” They would prosecute three Pondera County commissioners for their failure to appoint a special prosecutor upon request of the Pondera County attorney. They would also prosecute “three directors of Farmers State Bank for that bank’s part in the conspiracy, not the bank president nor any major stockholders.”


Again I  made the same blunder; not sanctifying the Lord who had brought me such a great victory:


Thanks, but no thanks. I want justice!”


The Ninth Circuit Court confirmed their collusion with these defendants by their response. Less than two weeks after I refused the offer to bribe me I received a one-paragraph order from the Ninth Circuit Court dismissing my appeal, ordering that this case be withheld from the public record.


 I was informed latter that when I refused the second offer Lund was told: 


if he doesn’t want money it will cost him his life


MAT 10:28 says:

28and fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.



Justice is far more Important


The Lord tells us in JER 5:1

Run ye to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and see now, and know, and seek in the broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be any that executeth judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it.





About two weeks after I had refused to dismiss criminal charges for a monetary consideration, which is compounding a felony by Montana statute, I was confronted with a threat in the name of the Mafia. George Brown,  met me in the hallway just outside Lynn Lund’s office and told me:


“My father told me to tell you that he is among the top 10 in the Mafia, and that if Ralph Bouma does not promise to stop revealing the crimes in this case they will kill him in a one-car accident.  Then, there is never any investigation.



I told the man:


“You can notify your father, ‘If the Almighty God will allow you to give me a shortcut home, I’m ready to go, but until then I’m going to keep striving for justice as God has commanded me to do!”


George Brown’s office was next door to the office of Lynn Lund, [BOTH OF WHOM WERE MEMBERS OF THE MORMON CHURCH].  Mr. Lund was representing my wife in this civil rights suit. Through the process of time I had become quite familiar with George Brown, so a dialogue followed at the conference table in Lynn Lund’s office suite. George Brown told me:


 “They will either run you into a cement bridge rail, or run you off the road into a river. I will guarantee you will be dead before they leave the scene.”





I latter established through a very reliable source that the Mormon Church uses LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS as their hit-men. Their reasoning behind this is that the very one who performed the homicide is the investigating officer.  They are able to give an investigative report that is their assurance of a coverup. 


Many attempts have been made upon my life attempting to silence me; but the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth has foiled their attempts as He promised, Isaiah 49:2-3: says,


2  And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me;

3  And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.




Nearly a century ago, William Butler [an Irish poet] stated about the devastation in Europe after World War One;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Truer words cannot be spoken about today; but there is still hope for a return to stability.  During this ungodly onslaught of today – the strangle hold of our federal agencies – and their collusion with organized crime – I was assured that our judicial system would be restored to honesty and integrity.



It is offered for sale [either in hard copy as “WAKE UP AMERICA; The Lord is God” or a new addition e-book as GOD SHUT THE LIONS MOUTHS on this web sight that explains in fine detail how the Almighty has been my counsel for the last 30 years throughout this litigation.



The ACCIDENT REPORT OF Patrolman James Commen filed on 4-23-83; file #2940302 is clear and convincing evidence that the threat of George Brown in the name of the the Mafia was carried out against Robert Paul Kropp, a director of Farmers State Bank, to keep him from revealing bribery to the Montana state courts.


On July 22, 1982 I was in Lynn Lund’s office in Salt Lake City preparing a letter upon the request of Pete Dunbar, United States District Attorney for Montana at this time. This letter was to outline the events Mr. Kropp had firsthand knowledge of the bribes in this case and others, establishing a pattern of bribery involving the District and Supreme courts of Montana.


Upon completion, the original letter was placed in an envelope, and proper U.S. postage was affixed. As I went to mail the letter the same GEORGE BROWN  (whose father was among the top 10 of the Mafia) stole the letter out of my hand and ran away saying, “I’ll mail it for you.” As he ran away with the letter repeated demands were made to return the letter, yet he escaped from the building with it. 


 I immediately phoned Pete Dunbar [United States District Attorney for the State of Montana]  to notify him of the theft and to remind him of the man’s connection with the Mafia. I shared my grave concern for Kropp’s safety, pleading with Dunbar to have the FBI pursue the man to recover the letter before he could forward it to the Mafia. This was all to no avail. Dunbar assured me that he had served more than 20 years with the FBI, and that he knew the Mafia had no activity west of the Mississippi. He told me to just forward him a copy.


About the middle of March 1983 I received a phone call from Dunbar, asking if I would be willing to submit to a lie detector test with regard to the allegations set forth in that letter. Dunbar explained that if I could pass a lie detector test on those allegations, they would be admissible evidence. I consented. 


On about March 25, Dunbar notified me that the lie detector test was scheduled with FBI agents from Washington, D.C., for April 20 at the Sheraton Hotel in Great Falls, Montana.  


 On March 31, the local news reported that Kropp had been killed in a one-car accident. I pleaded with Dunbar to immediately request the FBI to investigate Kropp’s death as a homicide. I assured Dunbar that this was not an accident, but a fulfilling of the threat I had received—all to no avail!


Seeing the pattern explained by George Brown how they would run a person into a bridge rail – or into a river — and my knowledge that the Mormon Church uses Law Enforcement as their hit-men my logic just tells me that the Montana Highway Troopers accident report proves that he was the hit-man of their choice.     


In his accident report he says that:


“Mr. Kropp obviously fell asleep – missed the curve – and drove off the road.”  He said “The tracts made by the vehicle, led from the roadway, on the shoulder, 266 ft to an embankment, at which point the vehicle rolled down the embankment,  approximately 106 feet and coming to rest on its side in the river.” 



Recent Investigation

Establishes Homicide of Kropp


In a sworn statement, dated November 30, 1998, Walter Hammermeister, licensed private investigator attested:


1) I was asked by a prosecutor [the Pondera County attorney] in July of 1995 to find either the automobile or the reported photographs of that wrecked vehicle Bob Kropp [Robert P. Kropp] was driving during the time he was fatally injured.  


2) I was asked to “try to find either the photographs or the vehicle to try and determine if Mr. Kropp’s death was the result of possibly falling asleep and driving off the interstate down a steep embankment, onto the rocks of a small river and was actually accidentally fatally injured; or, if organized crime was involved and caused Mr. Kropp’s death.”


3) I did obtain the above-mentioned photographs plus substantial clear and convincing evidence that Kropp did not fall asleep and drive off the road, but that the car “went over the 40 foot plus steep rocky embankment backwards.” An expert with a world-renowned accident reconstruction reputation confirmed this conclusion.


The above mentioned Photographs establish that:


  #1).  This vehicle did not role down an embankment for 160 feat as the Montana Highway Patrolman, James Commen  stated in his investigative report! The front bumper was torn off by a large rock as the vehicle was pushed backwards off a steep embankment.



#2).  The piDashcture of the dash establishes that the vehicle did not drive off the road from a steep embankment without altering the position of the steering wheel.






RightRear#3).  The primary damage to the rear of the vehicle, without the slightest damage to the roof of the vehicle or even the sun roof  establishes clear and convincing evidence that the vehicle did not role down an embankment 106 feet. 






#4).  The mfrontajar damage to the rear of the vehicle together with  absence of any damage to the front grill of the vehicle – together with the absence of the front bumper establishes clear and convincing evidence that  the vehicle was pushed backwards down the seep 40 foot embankment coming to rest facing upwards at the bottom of the embankment.






#5).  The damage to the rear of the driver’s door also establishes clear and convincing evidence that all damage to the vehicle was caused while in a backward motion.


The death of Robert P. Kropp terminated investigations of bribery by FBI. In a June 9, 1986 letter to Herbert E. Ellingwood, deputy United States attorney general, Pete Dunbar, U.S. district attorney, said in pertinent part:


“Numerous allegations of bribery which were being investigated by the FBI, all of which has been furnished to the Department of Justice, including the fact that the two primary sources were deceased and no indictable case developed.”


Seeing the FBI was investigating the bribes, and Kropp was their primary source of information, it is not hard to understand that Kropp was the main obstacle.  Therefore, Robert Paul Kropp’s untimely death by homicide was needed to stop the FBI investigation.


 FBI in Collusion

With The Cover-up


In March 1983 I was working with a private investigator out of Edmonton, Alberta, who had been employed as an expert by numerous entities to investigate major conspiracies throughout the world. He was working with me to investigate the disappearance of the shorthand notes of Judge Langen’s personal court reporter from Havre, Montana. 


The county sheriff from Havre, Montana, said his investigation ended at Judge Langen’s door, and Langen had refused to cooperate. Since then his personal court reporter had moved to Missoula, Montana, to serve in the same position for Judge Jack L. Green.


During this week of working together I shared with my private investigator my pending lie detector test with the FBI. Being a polygraph operator himself, he was helpful in cautioning me what to watch for. He cautioned me that they might be planning to entrap me by setting up their test to make me appear to be a liar so they could charge me with lying to the FBI. He explained what I should watch for to know if they were trying to set me up as follows:


 1) “If you see that they have a wooden chair with the front legs cut off about three or four inches shorter than the hind legs, be aware they plan to set you up. This chair will be highly waxed to make it so slick that you must exert effort with your legs to keep from sliding off the chair. 

2) Then when they are ready to start the test you will be ordered to place your hands on your knees, they will have an agent squatting on his haunches right in front of you who will make a quick movement toward you just as you are about to answer. The purpose for this is to get you to put pressure on the sensing device attached to your fingers, which will give a similar signal as if you told a lie.

3) He told me to take notice when they show you a recording strip, which will have a similar irregularity in the recording as that seen in the recording of an electrocardiogram, if you tell a lie. He explained that I should take close notice if the point on that was sharp as a needle, or if it had a slight flat spot on the top. This flat spot would mean they were manipulating buttons on the machine to make it appear that you told a lie.    


On April 20, 1983 Arnold A. Anderson, FBI special agent from Cut Bank, Montana, escorted me into a room in the Sheraton Hotel in Great Falls. Agent Anderson introduced me to James H. Earls (sic) and Ronald W. Hillery (sic), both FBI agents from Washington, D.C. As soon as Agent Anderson made the introduction he excused himself saying he had another engagement for the day.  


I had already noticed how their hardwood chair had the front legs sawed off. The chair was positioned with the back toward the machine as my private investigator had cautioned me to watch for. 


I was asked to consent to the lie detector test with my signature, which I did after noticing the provision above my signature that I had a right to terminate the lie detector test at any point. I was placed with my back toward the machine, on this hard wood chair. The seat was highly polished, so it was impossible to avoid sliding off the front of the chair without placing constant pressure to my knees with my hands.


The machine was wired to my hands and chest. I was then advised to tell a lie to establish that the machine would work on me. I was told that they would ask me if we were in Conrad. I was to answer “yes,” when in fact we were in Great Falls. I was shown a strip of paper with a line that was slightly irregular. This was to prove that the machine worked on me. 


As I was asked the first question, one of the agents took hold of my head and pulled it back so far I feared he would break my neck, making it impossible to keep from sliding forward without stiffening my whole body or to answer with a normal voice.


I was shown a strip of paper with the line going so far to one side that it left the paper and came back onto the paper at least one-quarter inch later. It was obvious to me that this was from a manipulation of the machine or the physical strain afflicted by forcing my head over backward, because the answer I gave was the truth. At this point I was harassed with accusations that I had lied, and that I had better start telling the truth.


Therefore, without saying a word, I immediately began removing the electronic sensors that were attached to my fingers on my right hand with Velcro to terminate the lie detector test. They tried to overpower me to prevent me from removing the sensors. At this point I used my left hand to tear the fine wires from the vacuum cups on my chest and body. When I handed them a handful of these fine wires they began to realize that the wiring harness on my chest was being destroyed, and they immediately removed all their equipment.


I now realized these agents were not there to establish the truth. I was told if I didn’t get off this thing and stop trying to reveal these bribes they would obtain affidavits from the men from the Justice Department denying they offered the settlement I explained earlier. They explained this would incriminate me for lying to the FBI, and they would put me where I would never see daylight again.


After I terminated the lie detector test because it was obviously rigged, the most grueling interrogation followed without the slightest letup for eight hours. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I was repeatedly threatened:


“If you do not get off this thing and stop revealing the things you are, we will put you where you will never see daylight again!”


When I pleaded with them to investigate the death of Robert P. Kropp as a homicide, and the bribes he would have revealed, both agents became furious and again threatened to take me with them and put me where I would never see daylight again. I was fully aware of my helplessness to defend against such threatened kidnapping and murder; therefore, I held out my hands and told them:


“If God will let you touch me, go ahead and put on your handcuffs and take me along.”


It was obvious by their fury and physical posture that it was nothing short of the restraint of the Spirit of God that prevented them from murdering me that day!


Eight years later, in the fall of 1991, I spoke with Arnold A. Anderson, special agent, requesting him to investigate allegations of a most recent civil rights violation. Mr. Anderson’s closing remark was:


“Well Ralph you know that no U.S. attorney can prosecute a civil rights violation without consent from the United States Justice Department. Well for your information, neither is the FBI allowed to investigate a civil rights violation without their permission.”


A relative of Robert P. Kropp, a directory of Farmers State Bank, informed me shortly after Kropp’s funeral that numerous pictures had been taken at the scene of the purported accident, which clearly established foul play in his death. However, any time I attempted to talk to Pete Dunbar, U.S. district attorney, about the death of Kropp, I was put off as though I was just a disgruntled litigant.


Internal Revenue Joins Conspiracy


Speaking of the Internal Revenue Service reminds me of what Justice Jackson, a member of the U.S. Supreme Court and a representative of the United States at the Nuremberg trial after the Nazi Holocaust. Justice Jackson outlined how the whole group of interrelated crimes fit in with every other in a common conspiracy “like stones in a finely-wrought mosaic.” Of Hermann Goering, he noted that he “stuck a pudgy finger in every pie” in order to “help bring the gang into power.” He then took up each of the other defendants by name and one‑by‑one showed how that defendant advanced the cause of the conspiracy:


“to pour wine on the troubled waters of suspicion . . . to take up the bloody mantle and build a conspiracy . . .  on a foundation of guiltless corpses, to establish a “new order of authority without law.”


Thus it was that the Internal Revenue Service also “stuck a pudgy finger in every pie” in order to “help bring the gang into power.” The banks had boasted that they would destroy my credit in the credit community to break me financially so I would not be able to defend myself.  The IRS joined their effort to break me; auditing me every year for 20 years even though they never once were able to establish I had underpaid. 


They  notified me the year after I bought the farm that I was selected for an audit. I was directed to furnish my tax returns, bank statements and all records for the years of 1966, 1967 and 1968. At the conclusion of the audit my books were closed without any questions.


However, the IRS just coincidentally happened to call for an audit every third year for the next 20 years! On almost every occasion the result was that the IRS had been overpaid and was required to refund me money, and never once did they find that I had underpaid.


After that many years of being audited every third year without ever once finding I had underpaid, the result of that audit was that I had overpaid about $8,500. This time they proved they were in collusion with the total conspiracy. Their agent arrived at my door, presented his badge and said he was there to notify me that he was in town to garnish my bank account for $13,500. 


He went on to explain that I owed $8,500 plus penalty and interest for a total sum of $13,500. but that if I would issue him a check he would close my books. 

I asked if he was willing to come in and have a chair so that we could discuss my account with him, which he did. I proceeded to advise him that he knew as well as I did that the IRS owed me $8,500 and not the other way around. I pointed out to him that it seemed more than obvious that there was some motive for spending their time for 20 years auditing a man who had consistently overpaid, and had never once underpaid.


The main thing I was charged with in the suit against me was that I had underpaid for the farm I had purchased fro Larry C. Iverson, Inc.  He was also reminded that the land of Ole Offerdal joined the land I bought on three sides.

I reminded him that on my second audit it had been revealed to them how Mr. Berthelson had appraised the estate of Ole Offerdal, the father-in law of Eugene Robinson, president of Federal Land Bank, for the IRS at less than half of what I had paid for my farm, yet the IRS had made no attempt to audit them. I pointed out how obvious it was that the IRS auditing of me was clearly in collusion with my adversaries to break me financially, and not that they were honestly looking for fraud or underpayment on my part.


At this point I asked him for his business card so I could make positive identification when I brought a complaint against him and the IRS in federal court for harassing me under the color of law, and for being an accessory to the crimes being committed against me. He did not furnish me his card, but sat motionless. At that point I advised him that if:


1) my name was taken off their hit list with the assurance I would never be audited again; 

2) if I received a check from the IRS for $13,500 within one week for the $8,500 they owed me, together with the same penalty and interest they thought to assess me, we would just call it all in the past.


To make a long story short, three days later I received a check from the IRS in the amount of $13,500. and I have not heard from them since!



All Judicial power and/or authority is derived from the Constitution only! There is nowhere in the Constitution that give judges the right or power to Legislate as the United States Supreme Court did in Roe v Wade. This has embolden our judiciary at all levels to do the same which has resulted in the overthrow of our entire system of government.  Any time such a judge exceeds his/her jurisdiction they acting under the color of law/and or authority and their rulings are “coram non Judice” or before one not a judge and therefore, void on its face.

Judicial power is derived from the Constitution only. The job of judges is to apply the Constitution as a legal document that stands throughout time. Their decision must be based upon the Constitution. The only standard for right or wrong is the Constitution which was based upon the Word of God.

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Wake Up America
Wake Up America

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